Eduroam Service

How to set up and use eduroam at Sheffield College.

eduroam will provide you with wireless Internet access. When you are at Sheffield College you can choose to connect wirelessly to the eduroam SSID.  Once you are connected you can connect to the eduroam SSID at any other worldwide location that offers the eduroam service. A list of institutions with the eduroam Service enabled wireless access points is available here.

Sheffield College offer eduroam supporting WPA2-AES, with no IPv6 support. Details of port restrictions are given on a separate page.

When you are away from Sheffield College, and at a site that also participates in eduroam, you will be able to connect to their eduroam service using your Sheffield College credentials. This means you will be able to access most of the services you use when you are connected to your home institution.

Most sites participating in eduroam use the “eduroam” SSID network name. If you go to a site that does not, you should follow local instructions to connect to the correct service.

Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by our AUP Rules, the Janet AUP and the AUP of the organisation you are visiting. Breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures.

Before you leave Sheffield College